Depiction is more than mapping

“What really impresses me about Depiction is that it was so fast and easy to learn, within moments I realized that I can use the software for so many purposes: vulnerability analysis, disaster assessment, scenario testing, planning, and education.”
Carol Dunn,
American Red Cross
Program Manager
Depiction lets anyone create their own maps and simulations by bringing together images, data, maps and real-time events into a single living canvas.
How it works
Choose a location
Pick your data
Add elements or your own data
Your depiction
comes alive!

You have created a living map, with elements that interact with each other, ready for you to manipulate, manage and share. Learn more...
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What do I need
to run Depiction?
Key Features
Combine many kinds of information
From everyday files like images and spreadsheets, to complex geospatial data like GML, shapefiles, elevation data and more, integrate everything you need into a single depiction.
Work online or off
Depiction automatically brings in data from public sources across the Internet, but if you lose your Internet connection, your data stays right where it is.
Easy visual tools
Unique “revealer” tools avoid visual clutter. These movable, sizable windows give you an x-ray-like view into your world--showing only what you want to see, when you want to see it.
Interacting elements
Depiction’s map elements do more than sit on the screen, they interact with each other. Floods disable buildings, barriers block planned routes—and you can even create your own elements and interactions.
Integrated collaboration
Send and receive map data, right from Depiction—and get near-realtime alerts, events and reports via email from anyone in the world, imported directly into your living map.

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